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Soft Bunion Shield for Big Toe

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• Minimize bunion pain and friction as you walk with this
• Soft thermoplastic elastomeric gel conforms to the shape of your foot custom-like fit.
• Realigns your big toe to reduce stress on the bunion joint
• Its diabetic-friendly design prevents irritation and rashes

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Product Description:The Bunion Shield does exactly what it suggests. It shields your big toe to reduce stress on the Bunion Joint. The diabetic-friendly design alleviates stress on the big toe bunion. Active youngsters, as well as older persons who have a bunion on their big toe, can use it for comfort while walking as it fits easily with most shoes. Simply slip the toe loop over the big toe and it holds it in place. The shoes you wear over it must not be tight and fairly spacious so as to better accommodate the bunion shield.
Conditions Useful in: Bunions


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